what is decompaction and hydroseeding

Hydroseeding and decompaction

Hydroseeding is a method during which a slurry containing seed, fiber mulch, plant food and a tackier is sprayed onto the bottom during a uniform layer. It’s an awfully price effective various to sod and has several blessings over the normal method of broadcasting or sowing dry seed. The first step within the standard seeding method is that the initial ground decompaction with a air spade. this is often a significant a part of standard seeding during which the soil is worked all the way down to a fine tilt to organize the bottom to receive the seed. soil decompactioncould be a achieved by sub soiling or splitting the bottom employing a power harrow or a mix of discs and tines.

The nutrient made suspension helps promote germination, the mulch provides cowl and helps retain wet, the special plant food promotes root growth and therefore the tackier within the combine acts sort of a glue to carry everything in situ and to assist forestall washout within the case of a significant rain.

Hydroseeding is another to the normal method of broadcasting or sowing dry seed. A study conducted on the lower Colorado stream in Arizona, found that hydroseeding may be accustomed restore bank vegetation in cleared land.

Advantages of hydroseeding:

• Quicker Germination

• Thanks to the mulch, higher wet retention

• Areas at risk of erosion that are troublesome to dry seed currently simply seeded

• Soil is control in situ higher than dry seeding

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